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Our philosophy is simple!

"We would rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies"

Using the most up to date research, business trends, audience buying behaviors, analytics and data available we will strategize a marketing plan that is about your business' long and short term strategy. We are not just another media company looking to acquire as many clients as possible. We look for and work with the businesses and organizations that we are able to help. The key to a successful business relationship is knowing and caring about your company and what is most important to you, personally and professionally.


RAD Media does not obligate anyone to sign any long term contracts EVER. We stand behind our work and are very confident that you will continue to be a partner with us once you start. Don’t get roped into a contract through a vendor explaining to you that they need time to show results! You will see results almost immediately, based on the agreed to metrics for success.

RAD Media Co. has strategic partnerships and relationships with most other local and national media companies or organizations you may be using or considering. Our expertise and ability to negotiate and execute your media campaign investments allow us increase the maximum ROI available. The world of marketing your business to your audience changes daily. Your business changes daily. Our mission is to be at the forefront and have understanding of this ever changing landscape. With our knowledge and experience, we can make your marketing investment work best for your business. We use sophisticated reporting metrics, up to date industry research, optimizations and data to monitor consumer buying patterns, and levels of engagement to drive business to you.

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Ray Richardson


Digital media and Marketing expert with successful experience in developing top performing marketing campaigns and strategies. Highly skilled at conceiving, developing and implementing highly data centric media campaigns utilizing multiple online results based techniques. Expert in using both Social Media, data base targeting and traditional online methods to create marketing strategies that deliver results based on client expectations and basic ROI principles. Proven ability to develop trust, and build long lasting business and professional relationships. Recognized and rewarded for exceptional achievements though out my professional career.

Shannon Adams

Senior SEO & Web Designer

a.k.a. Mr. Wizard. Shannon has been in online marketing, web design and SEO for the past 9 years. He utilizes different search engine optimization techniques to help build the clients brand and reach new customers from their online program. Shannon has handled client web design projects in several different web design platforms and with recent focus on creating responsive websites using the WordPress Platform. As lead SEO, web designer and programmer, Shannon’s keen insight into the interworking’s of SEO strategy and implementation of those strategies has been instrumental to the great success of many clients online media campaigns.

Muhammad Usama

Lead Project Manager

With multiple years of experience as a fully integrated digital project manager and three years of working within digital advertising firms; Usama lives and breathes all things digital. His expertise lies within Social Media Advertising, leveraging a company's brand and voice to create and promote meaningful engagements and conversions online. Having worked with clients across numerous different verticals and industries, Kenny understands how to navigate the nuances of the digital space and the importance of measurement and tracking. Powerful insights can be gathered from the data that is available from digital marketing and Kenny can help take your digital strategy to the next level with the power of data.

DK Dhanushka

VP of Graphic Design

DK has almost a decade of managing complex graphic design projects. From developing branding concepts, designing of complete business packages and many other graphic design projects. He has an outstanding eye for detail and insights into designing and managing the designs. DK is incredibly adept at designing Social Media ads and knows what can be used and more importantly what works with our customers targeted audience

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Providing you exceptional quality digital marketing services from a reputable Sacramento company. You decided to run a business, not an advertising agency too. Let RAD Media Co. provide you with all of the different solutions available. Our team can effectively handle this on your behalf with your companies best interest in mind.

Give us a call today. We are happy to meet and discuss how we can help you grow your business. Often, by just looking at a companies current marketing plan and analytics, we are able to improve its performance and increase the return on your investment.

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