IP Targeting


IP Targeting For Paid Ads & SEO

  • Are you currently running any direct mail campaigns?
  • Do you have a niche customer base? Is reaching very specific households (or businesses) helpful?
  • If you could purchase a list of new potential customer leads, what would you look for?

These are just a few questions to determine if household IP Targeting is right for you. RAD Media’s IP targeting solution is the process of targeting internet advertising to specific households based on their Internet Protocol address (which is the string of numbers assigned to your internet connection by your Internet Service Provider). This technology has the targeting ability of direct mail without the printing costs, mailing costs and negative impact of junk mail. And, instead of reaching a household once with a direct mail piece you could target a household 20-50 times in a month!

IP Targeting enables you to target unique users at a specific household or business location. It works by using a technology of matching IP addresses to a list of names and street addresses and then displaying your digital ad only to those people on websites they visit across the internet. Your ads reach the exact target household so you have zero wasted impressions or budget.

RAD Media’s IP Targeting works without cookies and unlike cookies, IP addresses cannot be deleted or blocked. Your Business can stay connected to every target every time they go online and visit websites that display ads. You can target one-to-one down to a specific household or business. You can deliver extraordinarily relevant online ads only to your targeted audience chosen.